Olders Tryouts - 2003-1999s

Tryouts for our older club teams will be held at the follwoing times and locations. (Please note: These tryouts are not for the LA Galaxy Academy)

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Boys Teams

May 5th - Toyota Sports Complex

2002s and 2003s - 5.15pm - 6.30pm 
2001s -6.45pm - 8pm 
May 12th - Toyota Sports Complex
2000s - 5.15pm - 6.30pm 
1999s - 6.45pm - 8pm
Girls Teams
Monday May 1 - Stub Hub Field 7
1999's/2000's - 5:00 - 6:30
2001's -  5:00 - 6:30
2002's -  6:30 - 8:00
Girls will be able to tryout for the following teams:
2002 Elite
2002 Gold
2002 Navy
2001/2002 Academy Reserve
2001 Elite
2000 Elite
1999/2000 Academy Reserve
1999 Elite
Youngers Tryouts 2017 (2010-2003)
New Players
LA Galaxy South Bay will hold open tryouts for players interested in joining our club. The coaches in each age-group will evaluate at these open tryouts and invite players to come for additional evaluation.  
Dates, Times, Locations:
Boys & Girls 2009, 2010-  Friday, Jan 27 - 5:00 PM; Toyota Sports Complex (Torrance, CA)
Boys & Girls 2007, 2008-  Friday Feb 10 - 4:30 PM; Toyota Sports Complex (Torrance, CA)
Boys & Girls 2006 - Friday Feb 10 - 6:00PM; Toyota Sports Complex (Torrance, CA)
Girls 2005 -  Monday Feb 27 - 6:00 PM Stub Hub Field 7 (Carson, CA)
Boys 2005 - Monday Feb 27- 4:30 PM - Boys 2005 - Manhattan Village Field (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Girls 2004 -  Monday Feb 27th - 6:00 PM; Stub Hub Field 7 (Carson, CA)
Boys 2004 -  Monday Feb 27th - 6:00 PM; Manhattan Village Field (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Girls 2003 -  Monday Feb 27th - 7:30 PM; Stub Hub Field 7 (Carson, CA)
Boys 2003 - Monday Feb 27th - 6:00 PM; Manhattan Village Field (Manhattan Beach, CA)
Manhattan Village Field Address
1300 Parkview Ave, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266

Current LA Galaxy South Bay Players
This year, current LA Galaxy South Bay players will be placed on teams based on their progress throughout the season in training and in games. Age-group trainings will give all players a chance to be seen by the coaches. They will not need to attend additional tryouts to be evaluated. The coaching staff will communicate about the placement of players within each age-group and which team is best for the development of the individual. 

What should I / my child bring?

Players should wear regular soccer gear, including shinguards, and bring a ball and water.

Parents will have to fill out a contact form if they did not register online.

Parents will have to sign a waiver form, which is emailed to parents who register online. Copies will be also be available at the tryout desk, and we'll try to make them available on this page as well.

Can my child get on a team at other times of the year?

Even after tryouts, many teams may have some roster spots open until the late spring or summer. There are two things you can do:
  • Contact the Age Group Coordinator of the appropriate age group for your child.
The league we belong to, Southern California Developmental Soccer League (SCDSL) requires our teams to lock their rosters from August 15 through December 1.
Our coaches sometimes have prospective players come out to practices late in the soccer year (December - February). This is not always the case since teams are also focusing on the season-ending State Cup / National Cup tournaments, and some coaches don’t like having guests at training during that time. Generally, if a coach does have a player out to training during this time, it would be for evaluation purposes.

How can I contact the coach(es) for my age group?

You can find a list of the current year’s teams and coaches here on the website. We suggest you contact the appropriate age group coordinator for questions for each age group.

Can my child "play up?"

A very few players may "play up" one year. Sign up for your child's actual age group, based on their birth date, and then have a discussion with the coaching staff after tryouts about whether playing up makes sense for your player.

Do you offer “pre-club” programs?

Yes -- our Explorers program is designed for players ages 4 - 8  and includes three different ways to "explore" soccer:
  • year-round weekly training, just like the older kids
  • weekly skills-and-games sessions.
For questions, email explorers@LAGalaxySouthBay.com
If you have any questions about the tryout schedule or process that aren’t answered here or elsewhere on the club website, please email tryouts@LAGalaxySouthBay.com.
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