Dear LA Galaxy South Bay families,
First off, a very sad note from our Girls Director’s Diego Souza and Sal Diaz.  Please help if you can.
We have a Galaxy Family member who has suffered a dear loss and could use our help. Unfortunately this last week, Sofia Rivera who 
plays on our 2006 DPL team, lost her mother Tracy Rivera to cancer.  Sofia has been at Galaxy South Bay for several years playing for both coach Sal and I.  Tracy was an incredibly kind woman and an amazing mother. She leaves behind her two young daughters Sofia and Lilly who could really use our help.  Below is the Gofundme account created for the girls. Any support you can provide is truly appreciated. 

I wanted to make sure you were all aware of some important info, and will continue to do that as we progress into 2019.  Here we go:

  • We have scheduled a coach’s meeting for the end of this week.  The Directors will be meeting with the Board next week.  The full board will meet in late March/early April.
  • Information regarding uniforms will be coming out later this week or early next week.  Stay tuned.  Your coaches will have answers shortly.
  • I have been busy helping our boys complete tryouts and we are now forming new teams for next year.  We anticipate about 20-25 girls teams and 20-25 boys teams next year.
  • Once teams are formed, I will have more opportunities to get to team trainings in the coming weeks and months.  I have already been grilled and am doing my best to get to as much as possible.
  • We are planning club trainings every Friday from now on.  Team training time slots will be 4-520pm, 520-640pm or 640-8pm.  All at Toyota.
  • We are planning to get GK and skills training up and going again.  In Late March or early April.  On Fridays, at Toyota also, going forward.
  • We have expanded our field options to El Segundo and are continuing to look into other facilities to add to all the existing fields we use now.
  • On March 22, we will be inviting tryout girls to train with our existing teams, and on March 29, the same with the boys side.  Olders (2001-2004) tryouts will run on that late time slot, from 640-8pm.
  • The Board is actively looking to identify and add a board member who can help facilitate better communication to our manager and parent groups.  This is much needed and will help keep everyone informed.


Two last things from me for now.  A few weeks ago, I got to see Gyasi Zardes start as a target for our Men’s national team.  I was lucky enough to coach Gyasi, IN THIS CLUB, when he was 10-14 years old.  He was then pulled into the LA Galaxy Academy and has succeeded at every level since.  We should all be very proud of this local product who emerged from our club.  Just last week, one of my former LMU players signed with rival club LAFC.  His name is Adrien Perez.  Adrien emerged from this club as well.  He was a member of the Exiles soccer club for many years.  A club that merged with South Bay Force to form LA Galaxy South Bay.  We should be very proud of him coming from this club as well.  Keep focused.  Keep training.  And please help the Rivera family if you can.
Paul Krumpe
LA Galaxy South Bay Director