Competitive Program

Club Teams Program

LA Galaxy South Bay hosts club soccer teams from U8 – U19 for boys and girls. Our club team program takes place 10-11 months of the year. There are 2 levels of teams; Pre-Academy or Elite and Club Teams.

All teams compete in the Southern California Developmental Soccer League sanctioned by Cal South. During the program year, teams typically train 2x-3x per week, play in 3 -5 tournaments, a Fall & Spring League, as well as various “friendly” matches.

The goal of LA Galaxy South Bay is to develop top male and female soccer players in the South Bay.

Pre-Academy Program

The LA Galaxy South Bay Pre-Academy Program is designed to provide every participating u9-u12 player with the opportunity to develop all of the necessary skills and abilities in order that they may one day play in our LA Galaxy Academy.

The LA Galaxy understands that there are a lot of children that play soccer in the Los Angeles Area.  As a result we have worked to create this innovative player development program within our youth club, the LA Galaxy South Bay.  The goal is of course to develop quality u9-u12 players but more importantly the goal is also to ensure we make a positive impact on the community as a whole and develop quality young men in the process.

The Pre-Academy Program has a comprehensive curriculum that is designed to develop the whole player.  A few highlights of the program include:

  • A focus on player development for the long haul as opposed to a win all the times mentality
  • Sessions that are demanding both physically and mentally to ensure players understand what it takes to train and play at a high level
  • 3 sessions a week during most times of the year to ensure proper development
  • A focus on ensuring players have the opportunity to think and solve problems on the field (as opposed to a coach constantly shouting instructions to players)
  • Sessions occasionally at the Stub Hub Center
  • Off the field education on things such as elite player characteristics,  proper nutrition,  game analysis and more
  • A focus on the player as a person (rewarding players for high academic achievement, work in the community, developing quality work habits, etc..)
  • Parent education on ways they can help their children be successful
  • Appropriate game play throughout the year (3-5 tournaments, league play and small sided play to ensure that kids do not burn out and have energy to train and improve)
  • Financial assistance from the LA Galaxy for various needs and programs

The LA Galaxy are excited to support these youth players in their quest to develop into quality players and people.   We understand what it takes to be successful at the highest level and as a result we wanted to share our resources and knowledge with our youngest players through our youth club the LA Galaxy South Bay.  We look forward to continuing to develop this program further in order that we may see more and more of these players in an LA Galaxy uniform.

Elite Girls Program

The LA Galaxy South Bay Elite Girls program is for top female soccer players from age U8 – U19. Education, professionalism, and true player development is the goal of the Elite Girls Program.

Coaches collaborate to improve the process for identifying the top elite female players in the South Bay, and providing opportunities to showcase that talent to U.S. Soccer youth national teams through player recommendations, and through national competitions.

The Elite girls program also provides a pathway for all female players to collegiate programs of all levels.

The environment is of the utmost importance, we strive to train on the best fields, utilize best practices in curriculum and training session.

The LA Galaxy South Bay Elite Girls program is paving a way for the top players in the South Bay to shine in the State, Regional, and National spotlight.