Dear LAGSB Family,
As I mentioned in my opening email to the club, I am here to do what is best for the kids and for the teams and families in the club.  That is and will always be my priority.  I feel it is very important for us to rise above some of the recent actions of the former directors and coaches on the boys side of the club.  I do not want to limit the opportunities of the boys whose coaches have decided to leave the club before the end of the season.  I understand the pressure that this is cau

sing and do not want to put our kids in the middle of any drama created by these adults.  So, here is my plan for moving us forward:
  • For the teams who have completed their state cup run – we will see you at tryouts this Friday, Feb 8 and next Friday, Feb 15 at Toyota Fields.  Come in your LAGSB gear so we can separate our tryouts accordingly.  There will be a roster spot for you on one of our teams, but we need you at tryouts.  We want to see which tryout kids can play at your level…We are looking to add players who will make us better, but need you to be there for comparison and for continuity.
  • For the older boys teams (2001-2004) who have not begun their state cup tournament, you can resume your training with your coach as your High School season’s come to a close.  Welcome back!  I will continue discussions with those coaches and understand most, if not all, are staying with us.
  • For those teams whose coach has resigned (2005-2010) – I have two options for you.  Have a team meeting and have your manager get back to me so we can plan.  Please just your manager.  I have fielded about 200 emails this weekend and need to focus on making this club leaner and meaner!  Please direct your concerns as often as possible through your manager.  Thanks…  Here are your 2 options.
    1. Finish the season with the coach who has decided to leave this club.  You will need to train with them away from our fields.  When your season is complete, we will have quality coaches ready to continue your development with LAGSB.  I have 6 Collegiate coaches, 2 Explorer managers, and some excellent youth coaches and youth directors ready to step in and make each of us better.  I am locking down the age groups these coaches will be working with in 2019.
    2. If you want a new coach now, let me know, and we will replace your coach who has quit. Very awkward to introduce a new coach this late in the year, but we can if you want it now…After your team meets and comes to a consensus, please have your manager reach out to me and I will find the right fit for the rest of the season if this is your choice.
To repeat, I want to do what is best for your kids, the teams and the club and create as little disruption as possible.  Change is good and we will bet better.  A year from now, this club will be a much more cohesive group, and I am committed to that.  But in the meantime, have a team meeting and have your manager get back to me.  Thanks for reading and best of luck as you complete this 2018-19 season.
There is also a town hall meeting slated for Thursday at 6pm at the stadium club at Stub Hub (now Dignity Health).  More details to follow.  Galaxy President, General Manager, Board Members and Directors will be there to answer questions about where we are, how we got here and now, most importantly, where we are headed…Go Galaxy!!!
Paul Krumpe