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Welcome to the kickoff newsletter issue: LA Galaxy SB Game Card!  The goal of our newsletter is to connect our soccer community with important information pertaining to our club as well as to share interesting stories about our LAGSB players, families, coaches. This newsletter has been created and written by LAGSB players.

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LAGSB Player Leadership Program
LA Galaxy South Bay is proud to introduce the Player Leadership Program this season!  Soccer is a passion for our players and this initiative was created to build upon that passion.  We want our players to develop character and discipline by working through challenges as a team, on and off the field.

There are four councils created under the Leadership Program:
– Mentoring Initiative
– Community Outreach
– Communications
– Special Events

Council members consist of high school players that take on the responsibility to help develop and provide support for the programs.

This fall the Mentoring Initiative Council will help kick off the LAGSB mentoring program.  Once a month, an older team will mentor a younger team during a practice session. This session will run between an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and thirty minutes.  During this time, the older team will organize mini games and a skill session for the younger team to participate in.  These sessions will integrate young players into the LA Galaxy club, excite young players to play soccer, and the older player will develop leadership skills.  Overall, the mentoring program will be a positive addition to our club.

 Abby Martinez, Alli Fazis, Jillian Farley, Hayden Fu, Tyler Gibbs, Brendan Bailing, Maddie Napalan

The Community Outreach Council is currently running a campaign to help feed and comfort the shelter animals at our local ASPCA.  They are looking to our Galaxy families to help provide blankets and towels (either brand new or very gently used and washed), Dog and Cat Beds (no pillows or comforters please).  There are some additional items that the shelter needs and some of these are listed on the group’s LA Galaxy Gives Amazon Wish List:
Wish listPlease bring items to group’s drop box at Toyota Sports Complex on Friday, September 6th from 4:30pm-8pm.  In addition, the drop box will be at the LA Galaxy Soccer Center from September 7th through September 15th.

“We appreciate your support to help our local shelters that are helping so many amazing animals”

– Lily Reynolds, Ashley Ha, Tyler Deceles, Gregg Aguillar, Maci Spencer, McKenna Walters, Jamie Vasquez, Camila Gamboa   

LA Galaxy SB Gives Shelter Animal Project

Skills and GK training sessions
Fridays at Toyota Sports Complex:
Skills training: 4:30-5:30 for all players 2012-2007. Please bring a soccer ball and proper training attire. For more info please contact Jon Torres at or Wilmer Lopez at training: 4:30-5:30 younger beginning GK’s and 5:30-6:30 for older more advanced GK’s. For more info, please contact Olivia Bedard at

Please note that all of these times are posted on our calendar section on the main page of our website. Please visit to see the updated calendar. If there is ever a change, it will be posted on the calendar.

Kick Off Night at Toyota Sports Complex
Friday 9/6
Let’s kick off the new league season this Friday at the Toyota Sports Complex! We will have small sided games for everyone to participate. Players can create their own team with friends, or participate with your usual teammates. Plus, we will have fields available for coaches, parents and family members to join in the fun! Coaches, parents and family members can create their own teams or join others there to play some pick up soccer and have some fun to bring in the new season!
Coach Interview Corner
Cameron Krumpe:  B2010, G2008
When were you first introduced to the game of soccer? What do you love about the game?I would like to say I was introduced to soccer at birth. I come from a family of Athletics and we were always playing some form of sport. I played my first soccer game ever when I was 3 1/2 years old. My older brother’s team didn’t have enough players and they threw me out on the field. I used to cry if I didn’t get to play. I love the amount of energy and calculating involved in soccer. It’s like a chess game come to life. Like I mentioned earlier, I come from a family of organized sports. I am a third generation coach so carrying on that tradition is a key factor that motivates me. I enjoy the process of watching young players steadily growing.

What do you feel is the most valuable thing you teach your players?

I incorporate as many of John Wooden’s maxims for life into my coaching. I feel that the connection between values to live your life by learned through sport is the most valuable thing I bring to the field. At some point, as sad as it is, everyone will stop playing, so using sport as a metaphor to teach young people the way I think you should approach situations I find most valuable.

What is the most rewarding part of being a coach? 

The most rewarding thing for me about being a coach would have to be when you get to tell a player how much they have grown recently.

What is the most embarrassing mistake you ever made when playing in a game?I’ve made all kind of mistakes in games, but the point of view I see from and what I try to instill in my players is that we all make little errors, and we have to have the courage to make those errors. Those errors become mistakes when we don’t fix them right away. So from that point of view I don’t think I’ve made many mistakes but plenty of errors.
To answer your question though, I had the chance to play against Landon Donovan, and he ran me into the ground all game long which embarrasses me still to this day.

I hear you have a nickname: Goob. What does it mean?

You will have to ask my brother what my childhood nickname means. I was just always called it so I still don’t really know why.

– Annabelle Hiraga

Pictures of the Month
This section will feature pictures of different teams, players, and actions shots. If you have pictures you would like to share, please send them to

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